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Dark Romantic Art & Craft

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a romantic rebellion

In 2016 I went to an art punk show at a venue called the Starlite Lounge on a whim.

Me and everyone else who attended that show was given a piece of printed art on entry. It was cotton rag with a mark debossed into the paper.
It was too big for me to carry comfortably, but the idea of throwing it away was distressing to me.

That was the first time I realized that craft carried power. That someone making the choice to express the height of their artistic integrity, even in the face of common sensibility would involuntarily demand respect from me.

It was noble absurdity that asked “why?”

Eventually I damaged and then lost this piece. But what I felt from that moment stuck with me. In 2018, I started my studio with this concept in mind. I wanted to wash out of my mouth what I felt the world had become: Every advertisement I ever threw away, or spit my gum out into.

Art was it's own activism, and if I didn't like the course the world had taken, I could use art to move it in the other direction.

Weaving my version of a spell that once birthed me.